Todd Barchok's Portfolio



Personal Projects

Vodka Tycoon

The most recently completed Javascript based web game, completed for Ludum Dare 26, theme Minimalism. Based on a version of Lemonade Stand. Buy supplies and attempt to earn a profit every night selling street vodka. Uses AngularJS, Bootstrap, and a theme from Bootswatch as part of the development. Go to the Github Repository to view the source code.


Large long term project created using C++ and SFML 2.2. Focus towards modularity and exterior data files, using the json-c library to load .json files into the game.

CSS Pride Flags

A variety of LGBTQ+ pride flags made with CSS3 gradients.

City Generator

A very simplistic city generation prototype, used for Isotower. Written in about 3 hours with AngularJS and some Javascript.

World Generator

An (in development) world generator prototype. Created as a way to learn more about effectively using Simplex Noise, as well as prototyping for a really simplistic planned program.

History of the World Simulator

A game that roughly simulates the rules of an online forum based game called "History of the World". Specific details on the game and the simulator's development can be viewed with the "About" link on the page.

Scopes Monkey Trail Fight

A game using the theme of "Evolution" in Ludum Dare 24. The goal was to create a game using AngularJS for interation between Javascript and the HTML DOM. Sadly, the win/loss conditions of the game were rushed, and the game is much harder than it should be as a result.

Space ship trader

Almost entirely an experiment in CSS3 animations, the goal of this was do make a quick and simple simulation of a bit of the galaxy with space ships flying between stars and planets. The positions of the planets are random, and the ships move between them using CSS3 animations, and the only Javascript used is to randomize everything and control where the ships choose to go.

Monster Generator

Created to test monster generation mechanics for a web game. Uses AngularJS for monitoring updates to the input fields, and pure Javascript, HTML and CSS for the rest.

Cityscape and Starfield

Created in approximately 7 hours. Using pure Javascript and HTML5 Canvas.

Battle Royale Webgame

Web game prototype. Majority of coding done in a week. Full HTML/CSS PHP/MySQL stack development. Guest access possible with username/password combination "guest/guest"

Validation Monster Generator

Generates a monster using stats based on how valid (W3C) a webpage is. Currently in debug/test mode until further notice. Coding involves Object Oriented PHP, MySQL, and HTML/CSS.

Train Test

Zipped EXE file.

Prior Work Projects

These are all projects I've worked on at various companies over the years. The projects may have changed or evolved since that time.

Intuition by Vertex

Originally written using KnockoutJS and JQuery Mobile. Created the initial version of the product to be used on iPad. Client response was very positive.


Worked on a team to create a social media site and CMS, using Rhino and RingoJS on the backend, and JQuery on the front end.

Babson Global

Worked with a team to develop a CMS, User Account System, and message boards using Rhino, RingoJS, and AngularJS, along with HTML5 and CSS.

Pumptrax USA

Helped with the skinning and migration of a Wordpress site, as well as analyzing PHP code to fix various minor issues during the course of development.

Independent Contract Projects

Projects I've worked on for independent contracting jobs. They exist here as unfinished prototypes.

HER Card Ordering System

Short project for a photography studio in Columbus OH. Used to select and order business cards from a collection of different styles (styles replaced with template for portfolio version). Involved in full HTML/CSS, PHP, MySQL stack production.

Gradebook Prototype

Unfinished PHP/MySQL prototype. Goal was to create a system for teachers to grade students and for both teachers and students to recieve various statistics on assignments and classwork.