About The Simulator

This is a simulator for the History of the World 9 browser/forum game, made by Retribution Game Studios. History of the World 9 is a game played by members of a forum, it is very similar to Risk or Diplomacy. This simulator allows you to virtually simulate a run of the game, using three distinct AI types. "Peaceful" will attempt to build up economy, and nothing else. "Expansionist" will alternate between building up economy, and expanding, while occasionally attacking other players. "Aggressive" will mostly focus on expanding, in search for other players to attack. Once an AI is under attack, it will switch to aggressive mode in an attempt to stay alive.


The point of this simulator is to allow additions and changes to the rules of the game to be tested easily in the future, without having to spend hours or months playing a full game. The AI are very simple as written, and will not always pick the 'best' possible move, but they are fairly well balanced against each other.


This simulator was written by Todd Barchok over the course of about 8 hours, spread between two days. It is written in Javascript, using jQuery for the HTML manipulation.

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History of the World 9 Simulator

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