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Vodka Tycoon

You are an illegal Moscow Vodka Merchant. Every night, you enter the streets of Moscow to sell thirsty patrons of Russian bars Vodka. Due to the nature of your operations, you have a limit to how much vodka you can safely store every night. Buy supplies of vodka and the cups to sell them in, and do your best to make a high profit. Your hourly rate is always calculated off of 8 hours, even if you run out of vodka or cups before a full 8 hours of sales.

This game was made over the course of 6 hours for Ludum Dare #26, theme Minimalism, by Todd Barchok. Due to the theme being a repeat of my very first Ludum Dare event, I decided that my theme was actually Potato. The end result is that I've managed to create a minimal tycoon game about selling potato based liquor.

Money: {{money | currency}}

Forecast: {{weather.forecast}}C {{weather.forecast | tof}} You want set your price relative to the forecast. No one will spend more than {{'5' | currency}} per shot, and only if it's going to be -5C. The good news is that it gets colder every hour.

Vodka Bottles: {{vodka.bottles}} Bottles of vodka cost {{ | currency}} each, and hold 16 shots. You have to get dump half your vodka bottles every day or else the cops will discover your operation, plus, you lose any remaining shots.

Cups: {{cups}} Cups are cheap, and only cost {{cost.cups | currency}} per dozen. You keep any remaining cups from the previous night.

bottles. 16 shots, {{ | currency}} per bottle.
dozen. {{cost.cups | currency}} per dozen.
per shot.
Total: {{ | currency}}

Current Time: {{time | easyTime}}

Shots remaining: {{vodka.pours}}

Current Temperature: {{weather.current}}C {{weather.current | tof}}

Price: {{price | currency}}

Out of vodka bottles!
Out of vodka!
Out of cups!
Price is too low or too high!